Digital Parenting

I’m an Occupational Therapist.  I became one after graduating from the OT program at the University of North Dakota December of 1988.  I became a parent in October 1992.  Cell phones entered my life and made my parenting digital in June of 2006.

First it was flip phones and finding a cheap texting plan.  Then it was dealing with paying for overages of texts, then came unlimited texting.  Then Smartphones entered the field and social networks and notifications.  Now digital parenting is a major part of parenting.  Not only in the United States but around the world.

160 characters per message is a challenge to parenting that will not go away. We can thank Friedhelm Hillebrand for the length of text and twitter messages.  There is a wonderful site specific to cell phones and family life. This link will take you there.

Digital parenting is not the problem.  How we cope with cellphones and incorporate them into our parenting is the problem to address.

It is not an easy thing to raise a child today.   Virgina Satir agrees.

Parents teach in the toughest school in the word: The School for Making People. You are the board of education, the principal, theclassroom teacher, and the janitor, all rolled into two. . . . There are few schools to train you for your job, and there is no general agreement on the curriculum. . . . You are on duty, or at least on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for at least 18 years for each child you have. Besides that, you have to contend with an administration that has two leaders or bosses, whichever the case may be. - Virginia Satir


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